MITO2i is pleased to announce the launch of the first round of funding for its Innovation Grants


The MITO2i Innovation Grants are meant to fund impactful projects that brings novel ways to transform mitochondrial health and be able to have a direct impact on the quality of life of patients with mitochondrial disease or dysfunction. The objective of the Innovation grants is to generate new knowledge, promoting innovation and interdisciplinary research. MITO2i will invest in bold interdisciplinary ideas, ranging from basic (e.g. fundamental biological concepts) to clinical and translational research (diagnostic and novel treatments for mitochondrial dysfunction) and health policy, economics, law and ethics and epidemiology, to cultivate new concepts that are expected to be of critical importance to mitochondrial medicine and research.

Research areas can include but not limited: 1) research in all disease and clinical applications in which mitochondrial mutations, defects and/or dysfunction may play a role in the pathogenesis of disease,  2) development of novel compounds that improve mitochondrial function and therapeutic treatments such as mitochondrial transplant, mitochondrial augmentation therapy, precision nutrition and others, 3) development of diagnostic tools and technologies for detection of mitochondria defects, 4) projects concerning the law, ethics, patient counselling,  health policy and economics and epidemiology of mitochondrial medicine research.

Successful grants will be awarded up to $100,000 for a two-year project.


Each application should be representing two distinct disciplines (by NPI and Co-PI) in a collaboration to develop an interdisciplinary project that advances the innovation mission for mitochondria medicine and research.

NPI’s and Co-PI’s from any academic and/or hospital institutions may apply.  Researchers can only be NPI and Co-PI in one application; however, they can be listed as collaborators in more than one application.

MITO2i investment should be equally matched (cash and/or in-kind) with other funds to demonstrate commitment to the project. This can include other grant funding, institutional contributions, external investments, and others.


It is strongly advised that applicants consider, and plan for, engaging with people affected by mitochondrial disease and/or other chronic diseases affected by mitochondrial dysfunction.  This could include patient, patient advocates, foundations, organizations, and patient groups.   This element should be integral to the design of the proposed research.

To assist you with preparing your patient engagement strategies please view the MITO2i Patient Engagement for Grants, Fellowships & Scholarships Information Session below:

The session is presented to you by Erin Walker, Patient Engagement Partners at UCL Partners in London UK and an Executive Advisory Committee Member of MITO2i.

Applications Guidelines, Eligibility and Submission Forms:


MONDAY SEPTEMBER 14th, 2020 at 5pm EST


All submissions should be sent to

MITO2i will be hosting a Q&A Session for all grant, fellowship and scholarship inquiries on Friday August 14 that 11am & 3pm EST.  Click below to register for the Q&A session.

For further questions, please contact:

Sonya Brijbassi

Associate Director, Strategy & Partnerships