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The Mito2021 Conference will be the opportunity to once again bring together our entire communities
to discuss topics and questions that are relevant to all. This pandemic has been a difficult time for
many, and we have all had to learn to adjust to new ways of engagement. After two years the
Mitochondrial Innovation Initiative (MITO2i), MitoCanada and the Brain and Mind Institute at UOttawa,
in partnership, are pleased to virtually host the MITO2021 Conference and give our communities a sense
of belonging, opportunity to have their questions addressed and learn about developments in the field
of mitochondrial disease, research and medicine.

The conference will allow for patients to engage with researchers and clinicians, trainees to further
involve themselves in areas of mitochondrial medicine and research, create further awareness and
relevance for mitochondrial disease and dysfunction, inform on clinical diagnosis and explore new
treatments and therapies, provide a platform for patient voices to be heard and attract foundations and
industry that have an interest in this important cause.

We are excited for you all to join us for this online event and help us spread the word that mitochondria
matters to millions!

8:00am - 6:00pm EST

Opening Remarks and messaging videos,

Welcome and Introductions:

       Professor Ana Andreazza, Departments of Pharmacology and Psychiatry, University of Toronto, Scientific Director, MITO2i

       Professor Ruth Slack, Director of Brain and Mind Institute University of Ottawa

       Kate Murray, CEO & President MitoCanada

Keynote Panel:    – Mitochondria Biology & Therapies – Chair Professor Ana Andreazza

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Professor Mike Murphy

Mitochondrial Redox Biology
MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit & Department of Medicine
University of Cambridge

Screenshot (575).png

Professor Heidi McBride
Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery
Canada Research Chair in Mitochondrial Cell Biology
Killam Research Scholar
McGill University

Q&A with Clinical Experts - Chair Kate Murray (CEO and president of MitoCanada Foundation)

Please submit your questions to our clinical experts by Monday, November 21st, to


Dr. Daniela Buhas, MD, FRCPC, FCCMG
Medical Geneticist, Clinical Biochemical Genetics Specialist 
Department of Medical Genetics MUHC

Screenshot (577)_edited.jpg

Dr. Michelle Mezei
Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Neurology,
University of British Columbia
Adult Metabolic Diseases Clinic and Neuromuscular Diseases Unit of Vancouver
General Hospital

Screenshot (578)_edited.jpg

Dr. Samantha Marin, MD FRCPC
Pediatric Neurologist | HSC Winnipeg
Pediatric Mitochondrial Disease Clinic | HSC Winnipeg

Screenshot (579)_edited.jpg

Dr. Ingrid Tein BSc, MD, FRCP(C)
Director, Neurometabolic Clinic and Research Laboratory, Division of Neurology
Senior Associate Scientist, Genetics and Genome Biology Program, The Research Institute
The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto

Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research (WCMR) Clinician Real-Time Training

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An interactive training session with case discussion, video clips and investigation of results.

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1. Patient & caregiver perspective of mitochondrial disease  (30 minutes)


2. Assessment of adult mitochondrial diseases  (40 minutes)

       With Dr. Yi Shiau Ng and Dr. Grainne Gorman

3. Assessment of paediatric mitochondrial diseases  (20 minutes)

With Professor Robert Mcfarland

Lunch  -  Invitation to Open Rooms

Natural Heath Products Availability and Accessibility for patients with mitochondrial
disease - from research to patient registry to policy making - Chair Sonya Brijbassi, Associate Director Strategy & Partnerships MITO2i

Screenshot (580)_edited.jpg

Dana El Soufi El Sabbagh
PhD. Candidate, UofT

NHP Task Force Coordinator

Screenshot (587)_edited.jpg

Nicole Kish
Bachelor’s of Science

Patient Registry Coordinator

Screenshot (582)_edited.jpg

Aneesa Grewal
Law and Policy Student


Ammanie Abdul-Fatah

Health, Science, Technology and Policy Student

International State of Mitochondrial Disease Patient Registries


Leila Esmaeilisaraji

Health, Science, Technology and Policy Student

International State of Mitochondrial Disease Patient Registries


Crisel Juan

Health, Science, Technology and Policy Student

International State of Mitochondrial Disease Patient Registries


Professor Martin Holcik

Department of Health Sciences, Departmental Chair

Carleton University

Keynote Panel #2 Mitochondria and Neurodegenerative conditions - Chair Professor Ruth Slack, University of Ottawa

Screenshot (583)_edited.jpg

Dr. Mireille Khacho, Assistant Professor
Canada Research Chair in Mitochondrial Dynamics & Regenerative Medicine
Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology
Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa

Screenshot (584)_edited.jpg

Professor Louis-Eric Trudeau
Department of pharmacology and physiology, Department of Neurosciences
Faculty of medicine
Director, Neural Signalling and Circuitry research group
Université de Montréal

Screenshot (585)_edited.jpg

Dr. Joanne E. Nash, Associate Professor of Neurobiology,
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Toronto

Mitochondrial Collective Discussion Part 2 – continuing the discussion from Global Mitochondria Awareness Week with Mitochondria Organizations from around the globe.


Professor Kostas Tokatlidis is the Cathcart Chair for Biochemistry, Head of the Mitochondrial Biology Laboratory and scientific lead of the Mitochondria and Us network


Michael Johnson, PhD Innovation Leadership Fellow
The Innovation School, The Glasgow School of Art

Ana Andreazza Headshot.jpg
sonya b.jpg

Sonya Brijbassi, Associate Director Strategy & Partnerships MITO2i.

Official launch of 'Superheroes Like Me', a book by patient advocate and MITO2i community member Thomas C. Zachos.

Screenshot (589)_edited.jpg

Break (Invitation to Open Rooms) 

Mitochondria Replacement Therapy – Addressing safety concerns

Professor Eric Shoubridge, Chair of the Department of Human Genetics at McGill University.

Chair - Kate Murray


Closing Remarks – MitoCanada/MITO2i/UOttawa

Join us after the closing remarks for a social time and networking with colleagues

Special Trainee Event - Training in mitochondria technologies

Screenshot (586)_edited.jpg

Chris Perry, Associate Professor
Faculty of Health, York University

Chair - Sonya Brijbassi

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